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CaptionMate Overview

CaptionMate is a free service for individuals with hearing loss. It allows you to read both sides of the phone conversation instantaneously. CaptionMate works on smartphones, tablets and all other phones, even your landline. Registration is free and creates no obligation.

The cost of captioning each Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone call is funded through a federal program, and the cost of the calls are paid for by contributions from other telecommunications users to the TRS fund.

Free Access
Funded by a government program

If you have hearing loss and require captioning, you are eligible for free service!

Real-time captioning
Immediate transcription

Instantly see in text what the other person is saying. Send a link so they can see it too!

Works with many devices

Use your smart phone or tablet. Even use your landline, flip phone or computer!

We take privacy seriously

Automated speech recognition means that no one is listening to or reading your captions.

Professional support
Highly trained customer care

We want you to have the best experience and are here to help!

Available in over 100 languages

Including English, French, Spanish, and German.

About Us
We are focused on helping those with hearing loss

CaptionMate is brought to you by Clarity Products LLC the leading provider of amplified phones. We have been in the business of offering solutions to people with hearing loss for over 50 years.

We're excited to expand our offerings by bringing you the free CaptionMate service. We offer a unique service that is totally automated, and no one is listening in to your call. There is no need to buy additional hardware, and the application is easy to install.

about us
Our Mission
We are a technology company driven to help you

Clarity is driven by a simple purpose: help people with hearing loss live their fullest lives. Over the course of 50 years, Clarity has built an unrivaled expertise in sound amplification and the role it can play in lives—especially as we age. Whether it’s reconnecting with family members, sharing memories with old friends, enjoying the comforts of home, or setting off on the latest adventure, Clarity is amplifying life every step of the way.

our mission img
Why Choose Us?
We are a reliable quality company with top quality

Our history means that we understand the concerns and needs of those with hearing loss.

  • Simple to Use
  • Experienced, friendly support
  • A history of quality

It's easy to start!

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Get the app

You can use this website or download the app from the Google Play Store or iTunes on your device.

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Click the registration link on this page, or follow the registration instructions on your device.

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Free New Number

You'll receive a new number to give to friends and family that will allow you to see their text.

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Start Talking!

When you make calls or receive them on your new number you'll be able to see the transcription on almost any internet-device.

CaptionMate Features

free accessFree Access

The Federal Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) allows individuals with hearing loss to place and receive telephone calls using captioning services

free access
real time captioning

Real-time Captioningreal-time captioning

Thanks to advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology computers are surpassing human efficiency. The good news is that now you have access to that same speed and accuracy.

multi platformMulti-platform

The beauty of CaptionMate is that it works on almost any screen connected to the internet. You can make calls on any phone-enabled device (like your smart phone, flip phone or even your landline) and then you can view the transcription on any internet-connected device (like your cell phone, tablet or desktop computer).

CaptionMate works on Apple and Android phones. Just download the application from the Apple or Android stores. Adjust the font size to read the text comfortably and you’re ready to make calls you can see!

CaptionMate works on your smart device using your landline phone number. Simply set up your landline number in your profile and begin seeing captioned calls on your smart device.

CaptionMate works on Apple and Android tablets. Just download the application from the Apple or Android stores. Adjust the font size to read the text comfortably and you’re ready to make calls you can see!

CaptionMate works on your computer. Simply log in to your CaptionMate account and see calls comfortably on your computer screen!



Computers don't judge: CaptionMate removes the need for a CA (Captioning Assistant) or Transcriptionist on your call, giving you the freedom and functional equivalency you deserve. Speak freely and openly to your friends and loved ones without that awkward third party operator on the line.

multi-lingual Multi-lingual

Multi-lingual CaptionMate is the only captioning service to offer captions in 100 languages including English, Spanish, French & German to name a few. We are happy to add more upon request.

professional support

Professional Support professional-support

The customer care team are happy to take your calls or emails if you have any questions or comments about CaptionMate. We hope you have the best experience and are here to help you every step of the way!

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